Beginning a Blog

Hello Everyone!

I’ve decided to start “blogging”, something which has involved an in-depth level of internet education from my good friend, Louise, who not only v. kindly helped me set up this account but also stopped me from committing many cardinal sins such as the multiple exclamation mark. Tempting though it may be…

Hopefully this will be a great way for some of my geographically challenged friends and family to get an idea of the sort of things I get up to in my high jinks lifestyle as a graduate student. With that in mind, I’ll be using the site as a kind of column, writing about anything exciting which happens (such as big conferences, presentations or incredible days out etc) or anything interesting which has cropped up lately and I think you will enjoy (foxes, jam, the “myth of graduation”). Oh, and as well as being highly informative and educational (well… maybe…) I hope that you will also find it lightly entertaining too.



6 thoughts on “Beginning a Blog

  1. You exaggerate! Apart from the exclamation mark thing, which is quite important, I think my only contribution was admiring the prettiness and excellent taste on display here. But that’s important too, right? (Lovely Widdle pic, btw!)


    1. You gave v good feedback on the selection of images and explained to me what “blogging” was. Quite crucial really. Ta about the pics – I’m planning on using more specific ones which I can tie into the content once I start proper blogging xx


    1. I think they are very dramatic, and you’ve certainly had lots of dramatic events to report, so I reckon that’s okay 🙂 Hope that life in Kathmandu is treating you well; can’t wait for the next blog entry! Love, L xx


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