H.M. The Queen of Green

Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh

The first thing that strikes you about this stunning portrait is the dominance of green in the composition, and it draws the eye towards the centre of the portrait: Her Majesty The Queen. She appears regal and yet relaxed in a powder blue dress and a stunning three-string set of pearls, a piece of jewellery which I covet more and more as time goes by. H.M. stands out from the rest of the room, which sinks back away from her into shadow and the reflections of a mirror. Opting for natural lighting was a wonderful choice here, as it plays off the golden aspects of the composition, highlighting the couch which they both sit on and making some details in the background glisten out of the gloom. It is interesting that H.M. and the Duke both sit apart, and that the Duke is slightly sunk back and behind the Queen. Even though it’s his 90th birthday year, Her Majesty is very much centre stage, and once again the Duke is left to tactfully negotiate his place as consort.