Feminism for the 21st Century?

I have to admit, I don’t follow the stereotype of Woman, but only because I don’t want to. I want to be who I am, and not someone else’s (let alone, “society’s”) concept of what I should be. I had never particularly counted myself as feminist before, merely as someone who stuck up for themselves, refused to be stereotyped and happens to be female. And to be honest, the idea of men and women not being equal had never even occurred to me before I left home and joined the big wide world. However, subscribing to feminism is a scary thing to do, due to its horribly negative image in social circles (hands up if you’ve ever heard the following: “I didn’t know you were that sort of girl?”; “Feminism is for fat, ugly women, not for nice young ladies” or “You’re a feminist? You’ll never get a boyfriend now”). but luckily, it sounds like Caitlin Moran’s new book, “How to Be a Woman” is about to bump this stereotype on the head once and for all as she makes simple and accessible statements like:

What is feminism? “Simply the belief that women should be as free as men . . . Are you a feminist? Hahaha. Of course you are.”

Caitlin Moran’s quest to free the F-Word from all the baggage of negative stereotyping surrounding it sounds like just the sort of thing modern women need. And she has a sense of humour to boot. I’m going out to buy my copy now!


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