H. M. The Queen and Eternal Style

Two new photos emerged in the Sunday newspapers this morning: one of Princess Elizabeth (now H.M. The Queen) on honeymoon with the Duke of Edinburgh, and the other of Queen Elizabeth (later The Queen Mother) and King George VI  at the wedding of their Goddaughter, Margaret Elphinstone to Denys Rhodes in 1950. What was striking about these photos was Queen Elizabeth’s fantastic sense of style, and the way that her young daughter followed her lead.

Queen Elizabeth and King George VI, 1950
Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh, on honyemoon in 1947

The classic, simple and chic lines of the dress accompanied with matching coat and hat speak volumes about how a good sense of style is timeless: this outfit would be highly regarded in 1950 and today. What’s more striking is that Queen Elizabeth wears a wonderful three-string set of pearls, with a brooch on her left shoulder. This is a classic, stylish choice which is echoed by her young daughter, Princess Elizabeth. It is touching to see that H. M. The Queen is still following her mother’s lead in the style stakes: the simple, chic and effortless outfits often worn by her are nearly always accompanied by the three-string set of pearls and a stunning brooch on her left shoulder. Good taste really is timeless.

No outfit is complete without a three-string set of pearls and a fantastic brooch

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