Obliterating a Discipline: Fiscal Gain at the Price of Impoverished Minds

The news hit the web this week that the Classics Dept at Royal Holloway is seriously under threat from closure, due to financial concerns. This is terrible news, and the way it is being debated by the powers that be, behind the big closed doors in the echoing halls of university administration, is genuinely worrying: is it right to talk about academic learning in terms of fiscal viability? Can we really put a price on the education of our youth or the new discoveries and insights being made by academics? It seems to me that widespread ignorance seems too high a moral price to pay for any short-term financial gain. 

I would urge you to take a look at the revealing posts on the Facebook group SAVE CLASSICS AT ROYAL HOLLOWAY, which are updated extremely frequently.

For a comprehensive discussion of the suggested closure of the Classics Dept, Mary Beard’s blog, A Don’s Life, has a very thorough write-up of all the issues at stake.


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