Remembering the Battle of Britain

September 15th holds a special place in the British calendar, a day set aside for celebrating the successful defence of our island during the Battle of Britain. However, today is not just about remembering our finest hour, but it’s also a chance to reflect on the sacrifices made to keep our country safe and free. During the summer of 1940, the determined British rallied together and beat the odds, but at a huge human cost with over 500 aircrew killed (and over 400 wounded). As the RAF’s Fighter Command defensively, and tirelessly, combated enemy fighters and bombers over British soil, Bomber Command focused on forays over the channel as support. While the RAF worked at maximum capacity, their support networks of Observer Corps were constantly on watch, looking out for enemy planes and supporting the new radar system.

There are many ways for us to remember the Battle of Britain and the sacrifices made on our behalf. The Battle of Britain Memorial in Folkestone, Kent, is always worth a visit. Situated high up on the white cliffs, a propeller is carved out of the chalk and in its centre sits a fighter pilot; resting for now but always with a watchful gaze out across the channel.

The Battle of Britain Memorial, Kent

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is a stunning tribute to those who fell in World War Two. It is wonderful to these legendary planes taking to the skies once again, a timeless reminder of the sacrifices made by aircrew.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

For those who would like to remember the Battle of Britain in another way, then please do consider supporting RAF veterans and current personnel by either donating to the RAF Benevolent Fund or volunteering for the RAF Wings Appeal.


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