Welcome to the Hell’s Mouth

Gwithian, in West Cornwall, not only boasts miles of perfect golden sands but also miles of spectacular cliff-top walks, too. The “jewel in the crown” of this area’s coastal beauty is Hell’s Mouth cove; a beautiful and photogenic gem.

Everything looks rosy in the garden at a distance here, but if you walk up to the top of the cliffs and peer over (I really would recommend lying down on the ground to do this, since it prevents falling in), the sudden rush of howling wind and the noise of the pounding waves give you a real sense of just how powerful the ocean really is. I decided to steel myself and walk up to the top of the cliff and give this a go, and came out with a photo I was proud of (note the cars in the background for scale), even at the cost of developing a slight spell of vertigo.

The Hell Mouth

In the news last week I read some reports about a cliff collapsing into the sea in the Hell’s Mouth area, and it was only when I watched the video on YouTube that I suddenly realised, to my horror, that I had stood on the very edge of that cliff to take my photo of Hell’s Mouth a month or so before it collapsed.


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