Post Boxes in Blue

A George V airmail post box, outside Windsor Castle

Regular readers may well remember my post about how important the red post box is for remembering British history (with a quick guide on how to spot them), but it has come to my attention that there are not only red pillar boxes on the British mainland… there are a few blue ones too. Outside Windsor Castle, there is a rather enigmatic Royal Air Force blue post box standing side-by-side with a red pillar box. The blue post boxes were introduced to important sites in England (such as Windsor Castle) between 1930 and 1938 to receive air mail post for Europe. They only lasted eight years because of the rapid expansion of air travel in that period, and also the RAF in the build up to the Second World War, but a few of them can still be seen today. A much wider and longer-lasting legacy of the brief blue boxes can be seen on the airmail stickers used today by Royal Mail, which are still Air Force blue to match their old post boxes.


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