Do you recognise any of these faces of the First World War?

When the Imperial War Museum was founded in 1917, one of its main aims was to record the experiences of people all around the Empire during the First World War. As such, many people donated photographs of their loved ones who were killed in the trenches so that they would be remembered in the future. In some cases, relatives sent in their only photographs and now the Imperial War Museum is appealing to members of the public across the Commonwealth to provide any additional information about the people whose photographs they have in their collection. In the build up to the centenary of the outbreak of World War One, the Imperial War Museum will be releasing new pictures for our consideration every weekday, beginning on Armistice Day, 11.11.11. The first hundred photos are already up… why not see if one of your relatives is waiting to be found?

Check out more details about the Faces of the First World War Project, or go straight to their Flickr pages to see the photos.

Who will you find today?

3 thoughts on “Do you recognise any of these faces of the First World War?

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