“What are you doing, darling?”… “Playing with my jewels”

This legendary conversation took place one morning between Richard Burton and his then wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Their romance is as immortal as the timeless jewellery he bestowed on her, which will now be going up for auction. Christie’s will be inviting bids for The Legendary Jewels in New York on 13th December, with other auctions to follow. This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in a sensational piece of fine art, and to also donate to charity: all the proceeds (expected to reach £20 million) will be going to the late actress’ charitable foundations.

There’s also some good news for those of us watching our bank balances: there is going to be an online auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s clothes, accessories and costume jewellery, with some items expected to fetch less than a hundred pounds. The online auctions will run for two weeks, starting on the 3rd of December. If anyone would like to buy me something for Christmas…