Coffee and Seduction: The Way to a Woman’s Heart

Don Draper would be proud of the 1980s Gold Blend adverts, which broke new ground in forging the association between coffee and seduction. They were so successful that their legacy has been long-lasting; now whenever a young gentleman asks us “Would you like to come in for coffee?” we are left in a near-impossible situation, dancing on a conversational tightrope, trying to work out what exactly we are being invited in for.

The old equation between a late night coffee and a passionate tryst has been reinvigorated for the twenty-first century by a new selection of Carte Noire adverts. A range of adverts have been screened, showcasing several different types of “perfect men” all showing their best attributes. Why are they so perfect? Well, they are sensitive to our needs… when it comes to pulling their weight in the household.

While the new Carte Noire adverts offer us a carousel of charming young men in tongue-in-cheek situations, I can’t help but recall the original heart throb of British coffee adverts… a young Antony Head (yes, Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

P.S. I wish to thank Ms Corinna Brunini for introducing me to Mr. Continental, Mr. Romantic and Mr. Cool.