How to look stylish while wearing as much fine jewellery as possible, by H.M. The Queen

Last night H. M. hosted a state banquet at Buckingham Palace in honour of the Turkish President’s three-day visit. The Queen raised a toast in honour of her guest, but I would rather like to raise a toast to Her Majesty, who has successfully demonstrated that one can bend the cardinal rule of style (never wear more than one item of fine jewellery at a time) to include multiple pieces. Royalty is always going to be challenged when it comes to wearing fine jewellery – after all, how can you only wear one piece when one has to wear a tiara or crown too? Here we see H. M. get away with a tiara, diamond earrings, necklace, two bracelets, a brooch and a medal. And how does she do it? By carefully considering the colour palette of her ensemble and which items match with each other.

The Queen and the President of Turkey

First things first, the colour palette of her dress is as plain as possible – a chic, iridescent ivory looks stylish but doesn’t detract attention away from the jewels. The lipstick is another chic move, as it matches the red in the medal. The diamonds in the tiara match those in the brooch and bracelets. This compositionally frames the matching earrings and necklace. Stunning.

The state banquet at Buckingham Palace

Only a true Glamazon could pull off bringing together so many items in one ensemble. Perhaps we should all take a leaf out of H. M.’s style guide when it comes to putting together our own outfits for the coming winter balls. After all, she is the Queen of Style.