A “Must Read” Guide to the New Student Fees System

The Joker may enjoy burning money, but fears of increased debt are putting off applications to U.K. universities

Martin Lewis, who runs the savvy and indispensable moneysavingexpert.com, has just published an article on the new student fees system. Aimed at clarifying the new fiscal process for students, teachers and parents, it provides a clear and balanced view of funding further study at university. While he considers the bigger, broader picture of the morality of today’s politicians and our responses to them, he also focuses in on what this means in the short-term for today’s young adults. Smart and astute, he cannily summarises the new rate of repayments and compares this to what students are expected to pay back on debts under the current system. And guess what, it all doesn’t look so scary anymore. Hopefully this will help banish the fear of unmanageable debts for many teenagers, parents and tutors, and encourage more people to apply for university. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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