Happy Birthday, Dickens!

The ghost of Christmas Present appears to Scrooge. Themes of social injustice and the division between rich and poor permeated Dickens' works - his crowning achievement was radically changing the way that Britain celebrates Christmas.

Today is the 200th birthday of British author, Charles Dickens. His novels have earned him a respected place among the great figures of English literature, as well as a place on every bookshelf in each household in the country. His vivid depictions of Victorian London have always amazed readers, with his vibrantly portrayed characters accompanying storylines that twist at every turn like the dangerously dark alleyways they are set in. But Dickens is not just responsible for creating the concept of Victorian London in his novels, it was in fact one of his novellas that was his greatest achievement: in A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens invented the traditional British Christmas. Thank God for Dickens!

To watch a news report on walks around Dickensian London, visit the BBC’s website.


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