The Diamond Queen

Elizabeth II, The Diamond Queen

Over the past three weeks Andrew Marr’s new three-part documentary about the reign of Elizabeth II, The Diamond Queen, has been airing on the BBC. It’s great to see such a veteran historical documentary presenter back in the saddle and producing such a topical work for this year’s Diamond Jubilee, celebrating H. M.’s sixty years on the throne. Episode one concentrates on the youth of a girl who was never meant to be Queen and how the abdication crisis years in the 1930s shaped her future forever. Episode two analyses The Queen’s modernising influence on the British monarchy, while episode three takes a look at the recent years of the Queen’s reign. The documentary series successfully strikes the balance between being highly informative and interesting to those who already have an interest in the British monarchy, while also being entertaining and welcoming to fresh audiences.

Check out Andrew Marr’s The Diamond Queen on BBC iPlayer now.


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