Crown Jewels Exhibition Open

Cecil Beaton's coronation portrait of H. M. Queen Elizabeth II - the crown, orb, and sceptre are now all on view at the Tower of London this summer.

As part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, the Tower of London’s new exhibition is now open. One of the most exciting new parts of the exhibition is the re-arrangement of the items used in Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation to highlight the symbolism of each object and present them in the correct order which they were used in the original ceremony sixty years ago.

The Imperial State Crown of India, which contains over 6,000 diamonds.
The Sovereign's Sceptre, which contains the largest flawless diamond in the world.
Queen Victoria's Crown, made for the only other monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee.

To buy your tickets for the exhibition, visit the Tower of London’s official website.


2 thoughts on “Crown Jewels Exhibition Open

  1. I remember when I first saw the Crown Jewels, in the 1980s. To this day, I have never seen so many colours in so tight a compass. “Infinite riches, in a little room.”


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