Engelbert Humperdink Croons for Britain at Eurovision 2012

Last night Engelbert Humperdink, the Anglo-Indian singer who has sold over 150 million records worldwide, represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2012. He sang a very moving ballad, which no doubt got all the Humperdinkers (his fans) back in Blighty singing along. Here it is, once again:


2 thoughts on “Engelbert Humperdink Croons for Britain at Eurovision 2012

  1. Engelbert Humperdink is so famous among the older crowd here in India. Especially, those who remember his early hits. And it’s so fabulous that he continues to sing even today.


    1. I could not agree more! He is an absolute legend over here too, especially with women who were young in the 60s in his early days. He was the star of Eurovision this year – he was clearly a professional performer and he was just in a league of his own compared to the other acts. It’s a shame that he didn’t get more points, but hey, it’s Eurovision and the voting never really seems to reflect the quality of the singer…


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