Thank You from H. M. Queen Elizabeth II

Britain goes back to work today following a fantastic four day national holiday. Up and down the country, as well as across the entire Commonwealth, colonies, and Crown dependencies, millions of people have been coming together to celebrate our Queen’s 60 year reign. Not since Cleopatra entered Rome had there been such a sight as the Diamond Jubilee pageant floating down the Thames, meeting the millions of people flanking the river’s banks and announcing the beginning of our national party. Despite the inclement British weather, the pageant went ahead with everybody enjoying themselves. It was deeply impressive that H. M. declined sitting on her throne throughout the pageant, as a mark of respect to all the millions of people lining the banks of the Thames who had been standing all day to get a good view (and who continued to stand). In a remarkable feat of endurance, the Queen remained standing for over four hours in the rain with Prince Philip by her side before going on to another outdoor engagement that evening. Sadly, Prince Philip was taken ill the following day and is currently in hospital – needless to say, we all wish him a speedy recovery before his birthday at the weekend.

London came alive over the Jubilee weekend, hosting a Thanksgiving ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, the carriage procession to Buckingham Palace followed by the traditional balcony appearance of the sovereign to greet their subjects who gather in their thousands in the Mall. Street parties were held, beacons were lit, and the church bells rang – all to express our gratitude as a nation that our Queen has so selflessly given her entire life to the service of her country. While we spent the four-day weekend celebrating and thanking the Diamond Queen for her years of service, we were surprised with an unscheduled television appearance given by Elizabeth II at six o’clock yesterday evening. In her address to the nation, the Queen thanked everybody who has helped organise the Diamond Jubilee and also everybody across the world who celebrated with her. In a heartfelt and quite humbling addressed to her subjects, Queen Elizabeth II has done something quite unprecedented as she, a sovereign, thanked her own subjects.

Here is Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee address to the nation, and all her peoples throughout the world, in full:

If you would like to send your own, personal message of thanks or congratulations to the Queen, than please visit the official Diamond Jubilee website.


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