H. M., the Ultimate Bond Girl

Last night’s Olympic opening ceremony showcased everything British (plus a few other things, too), and would not have been complete without a certain Mr Bond. 007 took the time out of his busy schedule to accompany a very special guest to the Olympics, acting as her personal bodyguard for the trip. After arriving at Buckingham Palace, the special agent picked up his latest Bond girl, who had been spending the afternoon training her three corgis.

The Queen welcomes Mr Bond to Buckingham Palace
Monty, Willow, and Holly, the Queen’s three corgis, make special appearances in the short film.

Leaving the corgis behind, Mr Bond and the Queen travelled across London by helicopter before parachuting to the Olympics. As 007 seemed to hesitate before jumping from the helicopter, H. M. took the opportunity to rush past him and enthusiastically jump out first.

Base jumping, the sport of Queens.
The Queen, accompanied by 007, parachutes into the Olympics.

Moments after the parachutes landed, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh appeared in the stadium. To complete the spectacle, the Queen was dressed just as she appears in the video. The crowd responded with riotous applause, at no doubt the most historic moment of the Olympics. After all, not many countries can boast a queen who enjoys base jumping, or having a Bond girl who happens to be the world’s most powerful woman in her spare time.

The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, arrives at the royal box.

To watch the full BBC short film, Happy and Glorious, please visit the BBC’s official website.


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