A lesson in good manners as Princess Benedikte visits Northampton

Princess Benedikte being showed round the Carlsberg brewery.

Princess Benedikte of Denmark paid a visit to the town of Northampton, a lovely town situated in the green rolling hills of the Midlands in England. Princess Benedikte came to visit Northampton as a means of expressing the Danish royal family’s appreciation for the strong trade links between their country and Northampton. In 1973, Princess Benedikte came to Northampton to open the new Carlsberg brewery, which was the first to be built outside of Denmark. On her visit, she was presented with a watch as a gift from the people of Northampton, which she wore on her second visit to the Carlsberg brewery this summer. Remembering to wear a gift whenever you visit the kind person who gave it to you is always good manners, and it seems like this touching gesture of humility from the Princess really impressed everyone at the brewery today, some of whom remembered the Princess’ first visit.

Princess Benedikte, a lady with impeccable manners.

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