Downton chic in series 3, episode 3

Episode three was a tour de force of style, but I’m afraid that I found the episode so moving that I’ve somewhat put off uploading these pics. Every time I looked at them, they brought a tear to my eye! Anyway, tissues aside, enjoy!

What do you mean, you don’t like my hat?
Ladies Sybil, Edith and Mary. Visions in pastel blue.
The most stylish car journey ever. But also the most awkward. Who will survive?
Sir Anthony Strallan smiling, blissfully unaware that he is the Dowager Countess’ next victim.
Pearls go with everything.
The Dowager Countess eyes up her next victim.
The Crawley tiara. Perfection.
Do you like my new hat, Carson?
Lady Edith looks stunning in white.


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