Downton chic in series three, episode four

The spoon test. Can you correctly identify all the different types of spoons to set the table with?
Lady Sybil showing off her new bob haircut. Branson does not seem impressed.
Lady Mary seems keen on deep, rich red evening dresses this season.
Lady Mary wearing a powder blue day dress.
Never use a telephone without evening gloves.
Lady Edith is amazed that her father finds the newspaper more interesting than her pastel striped day dress.
Daisy gets a new apron – now all she needs is a new life.
This episode of Downton Abbey brings us the latest craze in 1920s fashion – mother and daughter matching tiaras.
A handsome new face sporting a rather dapper pinstripe suit. Suits you, sir.
“Do you like my hat?”

2 thoughts on “Downton chic in series three, episode four

    1. Excellent! I have to admit that I really struggled with the spoons, there were a couple of them that I literally had not got a clue what they were (bouillon spoon versus a soup spoon foxed me). Good luck with the dress – do you know anywhere that sells patterns for 1920s day dresses? 🙂


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