A mysterious photo of D. H. Lawrence

Today when I was looking through the online archives for my old school, Nottingham High School for Girls, I came across something very interesting. The old girls association has been recently been uploading old photographs of the school and pupils, and they made a rather surprising discovery this summer when inspecting one photograph in detail…. only to find a very famous man looking right back at them.

Can you spot D. H. Lawrence?
Photo from Friends of NGHS.

It looks like the photo was taken at the school, and there’s a mixture of older female students, and possibly male students too. I’m guessing that those dapper chaps are visitors from Nottingham High School, which is just down the road from the girls’ school and happens to be where D. H. Lawrence was educated. We know that this photo was taken in 1905, but the reason behind taking the photograph is a bit of a mystery…. just why was D. H. Lawrence at the girls’ school?


What do you think?

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