H.M. visits the Bank of England

queen visits the royal bank of england

Did the Queen dress to match the purple of our bank notes?
Did the Queen dress to match the purple of our bank notes?

Today the Queen, with Prince Philip by her side, visited the Bank of England. Wearing a pale lilac coat, complimented by an amethyst and diamond brooch, she clutched a bouquet of pale roses. The gentle pastel colours were emphasised by the bright whiteness of her pearl earrings and three-string set of pearls, contrasting with her dark gloves and handbag. In a charming moment, the pale purple of her ensemble echoed the purple colouration of the bank notes she inspected.

The Queen was treated to a tour of the gold vaults, which store thousands of bars of gold amounting to billions of pounds. A sight worth seeing!

queen at the bank of england


7 thoughts on “H.M. visits the Bank of England

  1. It’s amazing to see the Queen Elizabeth inspecting many shelves packed with gold bars. I’m just wondering: How much of this gold came from Brazil and fueled the European bourgeoisie? …


    1. Thanks for stopping by on my blog:) What an interesting thought – I have no idea. Perhaps you could write in to the Bank of England and they might be able to tell you? Thanks again for commenting 🙂


  2. I was reading Color Revolution about the use of color and color theory. There was quite a interesting bit on the color purple and the English Royalty. Its use as a color for noble garments goes back to 1600’s. And the use even goes back further with the Phonecians and Greeks. It’s so perfect for her to be wearing it. And, that shade is so light. I’m trying to think if Americans have an elder person (woman) that is so sharp, well dressed and such in the public eye. None is coming to mind. But, I’ll keep thinking. How do English youngsters see the Queen and the Royal Family? We really have nothing to compare.


    1. How fascinating! Who is the book by? I’d love to get my hands on a copy 🙂 Yes, I would not be at all surprised if this goes back to the 1600s… and it all came flooding back to me when you mentioned the ancient royals – the colour purple was associated with kings in ancient Rome (I could kick myself about forgetting this, since I kept telling my students about this all last year when we were looking at how Augustus turned a democracy into a monarchy, and the colour purple was important). It is a lovely shade of purple, isn’t it? Very delicate.
      Youngsters seem very keen on the young generation of the royal family (particularly Prince Harry), but I think an increasing number of youngish women look towards the Queen as something of a style icon. Whatever she is wearing, it’s always in good taste. She’s a great icon of old school style and subtle glamour. So she is a style icon for women of all ages, really. Style never ages, after all 😉


  3. One more thing. The shade is so light that you almost don’t really think of if as that classic royalty purple. And, in that book there was mention of a Queen wearing a very light lilac for a special occasion. Can’t remember the details now! Anyhoo.. you’ve got to read it. .


    1. you are so right – the shade of purple is so subtle, really stylish. Thanks so much for the details about this book, it sounds like a great read and I can’t wait to get hold of a copy! 😀


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