A wonderful, and mysterious, Christmas present

Christmas is the time of giving, and of reaching out to your fellows with a warm heart. In Britain we have a charming little tradition that school children should buy a small gift for their teacher (no one expects the child to pay for it out of their own pocket-money though, it’s an unsaid rule that the parents should put up the money for this). As my Dad has been a teacher for many years, we usually get a number of presents under the tree from his pupils, and this year is no exception. There’s one present that has really caught my eye this year, and it represents everything that is good about Christmas.

christmas presentIt’s so endearing that the child has wrapped this present himself, with such bright and shiny paper, and a ribbon to make it even more special. It’s the genuineness of this gift that is so charming, when the boy has written on shiny paper with a fountain pen, and then brought the present to school one morning in his bag. I only wish that this lovely boy had remembered to include his name on the gift, so that we could write him a thank you note. I love the warmth of spirit that this present represents, and I can’t wait to find out what’s inside 🙂


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