Selfridges: Opening tonight

Katherine Kelly as Lady Mae in "Mr. Selfridge"
Katherine Kelly as Lady Mae in “Mr. Selfridge”

Tune in to ITV 1 at 9pm this evening for the first episode of Mr. Selfridge, the newest costume drama to hit our screens. Over the next couple of months, you may just find that Mr. Selfridge fills the gap in our lives left by Downton Abbey. The new series has received rave reviews from critics, who have already dubbed the show Downton Abbey with tills”. Mr. Selfridge follows the life of the charismatic founder of the department store Selfridges, an American businessman who introduced show business to shopping. Shopping was never the same again after Mr. Selfridge, who revolutionised the layout of stores so that they advertised their own goods, and he made shopping the exciting and glamorous hobby it is today. Katherine Kelly, the celebrated stage actress and veteran of Coronation Street, is set to star in the series… and I think she might just steal the show. That is, of course, if the costumes don’t steal it first.


2 thoughts on “Selfridges: Opening tonight

    1. The costumes on Mr S were amazing! I’ll be uploading some screen grabs soon. The series isn’t quite DA, but it’s a light hearted and very enjoyable interlude until DA comes back in the autumn. I’ll look up who the costume people were… there must be some links between the shows, as they’re both produced by the same TV channel over here in the UK.


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