H.M.’s Launer Handbag

the queen with archibishop of canterbury

The Queen has favoured Launer handbags for many years
The Queen has favoured Launer handbags for many years

Yesterday the Queen held an audience with the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, at Buckingham Palace. H. M. wore a cream dress, teamed with her favourite little black handbag. The Queen’s handbags are made for her by Launer, a London company who specialise in handcrafted and bespoke leather goods. She has a number of different sized handbags, and I have to admit that they all look like just the sort of practical, yet stylish, handbag we all search the shops for. I’m looking for a small grab bag at the moment, about the same size as the Queen’s in the picture above, and with a short handle that will go over elbow if I want it too. Something that would look stylish with a vintage dress, and still be practical. After a visit to Launer’s website, I think I have met my match. The Traviata:

launer la traviata At €1,397.93, I might just have to save up for a bit.


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