Hopgood’s Courageous Run

This year is the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters raid in World War II, when Wing Commander Gibson led 617 Squadron into the heart of Germany to destroy the great dams of the Ruhr region and  reduce the manufacturing of metals for the German war effort. This year, British aviation artist Simon Atack has unveiled a stunning painting of the Dams raid. Flight Lieutenant Hopgood’s Lancaster flies in low over the water of the Mohne, just after dropping the bouncing bomb:

"Hopgood's Courageous Run" by Simon Atack

“Hopgood’s Courageous Run” by Simon Atack

This fantastic painting really captures the spirit of the Lancaster in action, and really brings home just how daring this raid was as the bomber flies so low over the water while enduring enemy fire.

To buy your copy of “Hopgood’s Courageous Run”, please visit Simon Atack’s website today.