Hello, Reign Bringer

Congratulations go out to Kate and Wills, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have just welcomed their first child into the world. The new Prince is going by the name of Prince Cambridge until his names have been formally decided upon.

The whole nation waited for news of his arrival, and the announcement was made at around eight o’ clock last night, just before thunderstorms began to roar across the country. This summer has been uncharacteristic of British summers, with most of the country enjoying temperatures of up to 85 Fahrenheit for the past three weeks or so. Sunny days, blue skies, and no rain at all.

Storms strike London
… and then roll up the country to the Midlands
The Queen is revered as a rain bringer, especially by aboriginal communities in the Commonwealth

It came as a bit of a surprise for us last night that thunder, lightning, and heavy rain storms began to take hold. Starting in London and making their way north, a dramatic weather front sounded its advance, bringing much-needed rain to the country’s gardens and crops. I hope that this means that the new Prince is a rain bringer, just like his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth, who is widely regarded as bringing a sprinkling of rain where she visits. This is something that should be celebrated, as the gift is a traditional sign of being a good monarch, ensuring the health and vitality of the land wherever you go (especially in the Commonwealth). It’s still a bit spooky though.


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