Thank you to a kind stranger


A few days ago I was packing my bag for work one morning and I couldn’t find my bus card. Naturally, I panicked and checked all the way through my bag and my coat pockets. Nothing.

I was very concerned that I couldn’t find my bus pass, as it had a month’s worth of travel still valid and I’m usually very careful about tucking it into the front pocket of my bag after I get on the bus. I remembered that the evening before I had been on a packed bus in the rush hour and had to stand – maybe it had been stolen? Maybe I’d dropped it?

Fearing the worst, I rang up the bus company HQ to report it missing or stolen in the hope that they could cancel the card remotely and prevent anybody from using up the month’s worth of travel I’d paid for. It was then that I got a lovely surprise… a stranger had picked up my bus card and brought it into town and handed it in first thing in the morning. Whoever you are – bus driver, commuter, cleaner, or shopper – thank you. Thank you for taking the time to pick up my bus card, and then going out of your way to hand it in. Your kindness has saved me a lot of worry, and the hassle of having to sort out a replacement card and pay for another month of travel.

So my initial fears of being a victim of theft were completely wrong, and I should have more faith in people. I was very lucky that it was a kind and honest person who picked up my card, but I’m glad that there are more of them out there than we think.

Faith in humanity restored.
Faith in humanity restored.



2 thoughts on “Thank you to a kind stranger

  1. It’s always so nice to discover a good person. Someone who takes time to help others. It’s a rarity these days. I strive to be that person and to teach my children to be that person too.


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