Sewing my own Graduation Dress

The last time I graduated

After all these years I’m finally leaving grad school! I’m going to be graduating in the next couple of weeks, and I’ve made the momentous decision to sew my own dress for graduation. I realise that the pressure of making a dress for a specific event is quite acute, so I have already asked my Mum to be on standby (she said yes, which – between you and me – is really making this project a goer ).

I’ve been very seriously considering what kind of dress I want, and the demands of the occasion have to be considered… whatever I wear, the academic robe is bound to be the focal point of the ensemble. It’s big, billowy, and has to be secured to my chest. So I’m looking for a pattern that’s very fitted and has a high, structured neckline. My graduation will take place in Durham Cathedral, so I want the dress to be demure and with a hemline just below the knee.

Durham Cathedral

I’ve opted for a vintage pattern from 1959 for this occasion, as I really want the dress to be well-fitting, tailored, and above all incredibly stylish. The high number of darts and pleats in this little number will really make the dress a knock-out, and also contrast nicely with the billowy nature of the gown.

Advance 3296, more darts and pleats than you could shake a stick at.
Advance 3296, more darts and pleats than you could shake a stick at.

I’m going to be blogging about my progress with this dress… so please check back soon to see how I’m doing (and keep your fingers crossed!).

P.S. You may also enjoy my blog post on why vintage patterns are fabulous.



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