Tissues and Issues with the Toile

P1000325Toiles are a great way of practising making a dress, but they’re even better for checking the fit of a garment. So I’ve just tried on my toile, and guess what? It doesn’t fit. Queue bursting into tears.

I’m a bit shocked that the dress is too short in the bodice. I’m very petite, and I cannot remember the last time I tried on any item of clothing that was too short. So it’s a bit of a surprise. But on the other hand, it’s better to make this discovery now on cheap (or in this case, totally free) disposable material than to realise the dress doesn’t fit only after you’ve finished making the real thing out of expensive fabric. So I’m glad I found out now when I still have the time to rectify the problem.

So it’s back to the pattern, and I’ve elongated the bodice section by 5/8ths of an inch. Just to be double sure, I’ve made another toile of the bodice section out of an old pillowcase and attached it to the existing skirt section. I think I was rushing myself a bit too much here, or maybe I just couldn’t see through the tears when I was sewing… but I accidentally stitched the wrong side of the bodice to the right side of the skirt. So it’s an interesting toile, let’s put it that way.


On the bright side, the second bodice now fits beautifully. I am absolutely sure that this dress will look amazing, as the pattern is superb. All the darts and pleats give it great shape, and all the pieces segue together perfectly… now all I have to do is get started on the real deal!

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