Picking the fabric for my graduation dress

Now that I’m sure that the pattern for my graduation dress is right, I can crack on with making the real thing. The practice toile for my dress was a bit time consuming, but it’s a great way of ensuring that the fit of the dress is absolutely perfect… taking a few extra hours to get the measurements right makes the difference between a good dress and a great dress, one that looks like it was made to measure.

The biggest factor in choosing the fabric for my graduation dress is the colour of my academic robe that I have to wear with it. It’s bright red…

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So I’m going to go for a black dress, something understated and elegant that will let the robe take centre stage. When it comes to choosing a fabric, I want something that will stay cool on a hot summer’s day, and drape nicely as the pattern has quite a few pleats. I decided on silk, and opted for a triple crepe to give the dress enough body and structure to support the academic robe (bearing in mind that the hood will have to be pinned on to my dress).

Here’s the triple crepe effect on the silk:

P1000446And how nicely it will drape.

P1000450Wish me luck!



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