Hedgehogs hibernating in the garden

This summer was very exciting in our garden – hedgehogs returned to our property after a twenty-year absence. In my previous post, I talked about how we’d been feeding the Momma Hog and her babies, but now that winter is well and truly on its way, all our thoughts turn towards hibernation.

hedgehog house

I thought perhaps I should keep it simple for my first dabbling in the hedgehog property market, so I chose a modest hedgehog house from Amazon.co.uk. Made from natural materials, it’s breathable and well-insulated, yet the rust-proof steel frame will protect the little hogs from any branches that fall off trees, or maybe an inquisitive cat or hungry fox. I like the fact that there isn’t a base to the house – so maybe if the hedgehogs really like it, they can extend their home by digging down a little bit. I chose a spot in the garden that was dry, out of the wind, and underneath a hedge (which was also under a tree). I put it at the base of the rockery, close to where we feed the hedgehogs so they won’t have far to go if they wake up for a midnight snack. Then I covered the whole thing with brushwood… can you spot it?

P1000970 yHere’s a close up of the entrance. I filled the hedgehog house with hay because I had heard that hedgehogs prefer dried grass to straw.


I’m pleased to say that the hedgehog house was quite a hit. Someone had been going in and out of the house on the first night it was in the garden. After a week, I could see a spiny little back in the gloomy darkness inside. I’m pretty sure that they’re hibernating in there right now. So I guess there’s not much to see at this time of year when they’re all tucked up asleep. I didn’t think it fair play to pick up the hedgehog house to check on the little guys as I think it would be an extremely rude thing to do (not to mention kind of scary… how would you feel if a giant tore up your house just to check you were sleeping okay?). So here’s a cute little picture of a hibernating hedgehog from the hedgehogstreet.org:

hibernating hedgehog


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