My fifteen minutes of fame?

My blog has been rather quiet in the past week or so because I’ve been rather busy with work, but the good news is that my persistence paid off and the company I work for have just been featured in the business section of the local newspaper. The whole thing was very exciting, especially when the photographer came and we were interviewed (so many questions!). I’m really thrilled with the lovely write-up by the Nottingham Post, and the picture’s not too bad either.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at this, and thanks for reading. I really enjoy blogging and it means the world to me that my readers stop by my blog and occasionally drop me a line – thanks guys, you’re awesome πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “My fifteen minutes of fame?

  1. Congrats Lauren! Just wondering, have you thought about selling kits for people to make things at home? I see that the shop already has an Etsy shop and kits sell really well on there. Good luck with it πŸ™‚

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