Taking time out for my Dad

I’m really sorry that I’ve been away for so long and I haven’t blogged in the last few weeks. I fully intended to, but I’ve been busy taking care of my Dad. Looking back, all I can remember of the past few weeks of my life is feeling really tired and being stressed out.

About a month ago my Dad was admitted to hospital for a hip replacement. The surgery went very well and he stayed in hospital for less than a week. We were really glad to get him home, but that’s when the real work started for me and my Mum. Looking after a sick relative is never easy for anyone. We were kind of prepared for what we would have to do for Dad – we’d read up about how he wouldn’t be able to bend, twist, or walk very far. But what we weren’t quite so ready for was the tiredness that set in after a few days of being carers, or the exhaustion that comes after a few weeks.

I hope that you can accept my apologies for being an absentee blogger for a while. My Dad’s getting much better now, and I will be back to blogging as usual. Thanks so much for continuing to visit my site, even when I was quiet. I really appreciate your readership, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to blogging 🙂

Lauren xx

Me and my Dad, tired out after taking care of each other.

Me and my Dad, tired out after taking care of each other.