An ingenious blackbird learns to feed his (second) brood

The blackbirds in our garden have managed quite a coup this year – raising two broods in one season. Or as we like to say, double trouble. These baby birds are boisterous, noisy, and demanding little critters. Just when we thought one brood had flown the nest, another flurry of babies appeared a few weeks later.

P1020004I have to admit, I’m impressed with the parents. Successfully raising five baby birds is a great achievement, but another five after those? They deserve medals. When I was watching the male blackbird feeding the babies, I was very surprised to see that he had learned how to use a bird feeder intended for much smaller birds (mostly blue tits). Maybe this explains where he was finding the food for all ten babies!

The fat block is hung in a squirrel-proof cage with gaps between the bars wide enough for a blue tit, but not for a blackbird. So our friend worked out that if he hovered mid-air, he could thrust his head between the bars and grab a mouthful of suet… smart.



4 thoughts on “An ingenious blackbird learns to feed his (second) brood

  1. We weren’t as blessed. We filmed our babies in the nest being fed and growing. But at 4am on three consecutive days, we were woken up to screaming parents as a magpie took off with one baby, next doors cat then took the other two. We did everything we could to help them and console them and thought the spikes we put up for the cat would work but obviously not. Our neighbour was horrified but not as sad as we were. Mum and Dad still visit and feed so we hope they will bring the next brood to feed and hopefully we will discover a way to keep the albino one eyed beast out of our patio.


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