I passed my driving test!

I will always remember spending the summer of 2015 on the road. Well, the roads within a 5 mile radius of the driving test center, meticulously preparing for a practical test. At the tender age of 28, and with the economy on the upturn, I thought it high time to take the plunge and recommence learning to drive. I’d had lessons before when I was a teenager, which didn’t really come to much in the end, but stood me in good stead for learning this summer.

I was very lucky to have a great instructor (call Accelerate and ask for Graham) and after a lot of hard work, I’m very pleased to finally have that pass certificate in my hands. I’m also totally and completely excited, hyperactive, and obsessed with getting a car. I even dream about cars! Hopefully I will calm down in the next few weeks before I start looking for one 🙂

passing my driving test


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