Tea and Cake at Betty’s, York

York Minster
York Minster

I have always wanted to go to Betty’s tea rooms in York. Modelled on the luxurious 1930’s interiors of the Queen Mary, the very name of “Betty’s” conjures images of elegance from a bygone age. A few weeks ago, I visited York and my dreams came true… I went for tea at Betty’s.

The first thing that struck me about Betty’s was the queue along the pavement. This only made me keener, and not just because of my particularly British love of queuing. If people are queuing for something, it must be good. What really surprised me though, was how swiftly the queue moved and before I knew it I was inside the Betty’s shop, a stylish yet old fashioned tea shop (if anything, this only made me more excited about the tea room yet to come!).

wpid-wp-1442932328399.jpegThe tea room was glorious. Glamorous and luxurious, this must be the closest you can get to being in First Class crossing the Atlantic on the Cunard Line in the 1930s. Which is somewhere I’ve always wanted to be. They even have a collection of 1930s teapots, including some original Clarice Cliff pieces. I pretty much exploded with joy when I saw these little beauties.

Betty’s have many, many kinds of tea for you to choose from. Looking back, I probably should have prepared myself for making a choice in advance. Luckily, their staff are very friendly and patient, and even helped me choose. I went for the Betty’s Blue Sapphire, a Ceylon tea with blue cornflour petals. A wonderfully decadent, smooth tea with the aroma of honey on the palette. Perfection.

wpid-wp-1442933311186.jpegIn fact, everything about taking tea at Betty’s is perfect. From the helpful staff to the silverware your tea is served in. For a tea fanatic, it just doesn’t get much better than this. Especially when you have cake, too. I chose a fresh raspberry macaroon to go with my Blue Sapphire tea, which was delightful.

wpid-wp-1442933608490.jpegAll the cakes are made by Betty’s from locally sourced ingredients, and they are absolutely delicious. I enjoyed my tea at Betty’s so much that I actually went back the next day to try out their strawberry tarts and their China Rose Petal Tea.

wpid-wp-1442932174751.jpegAnd then on my way out, I bought some macaroons to take home.

wpid-wp-1442932174748.jpegI had a brilliant time taking tea at Betty’s. I absolutely love the tea rooms, their tea, cakes, and their service. I could not have wished for a more enjoyable first visit. I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to go back again!


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