A puppy walk on the beach

p1040073It was a brisk and windy day when we took the poodle puppies for a walk on the beach. I love a bracing walk in Autumn, it really blows the cobwebs away.

p1040071I was walking Ziggy on the beach today, and boy oh boy was he keen to get there!


The Durham coastline looks grey in its majesty in this sort of weather, with the stern North Sea in the distance.

p1040074The fresh sea air was amazing! I hadn’t been to the beach in a couple of years and it was so refreshing. Little Ziggy seemed to like it too.

And all the excitement was too much for little Cordelia, whose ear turned inside out with joy.

p1040100But I wasn’t happy with just looking at the sea. No, after so long away I wanted to get in it.

And it was shortly after I took this photo, that things went terribly wrong…


When we were paddling, a really big wave came our way. Corinna and Cordelia ran like the wind. But it took a bit longer for me and Ziggy to react. Too long. We ran, but still got soaked. I laughed and Ziggy shook it all off. But puppies cant regulate their body temperatures as well as adult dogs, so it was time to go home and get nice and warm and dry.


All in all a good walk. But with lessons learnt – never turn your back on the sea!


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