In The Lady in Waiting I aim to bring you a fresh and elegant commentary on modern British culture and society, with a particular focus on the finer things in life. I’ll be commenting on the best of British, and certainly the most interesting: ranging from the Queen’s inimitable sense of style, the arts, society, exhibitions and conservation. I love everything stylish, from period drama to vintage dressmaking, so expect to see some beautiful things on this blog. I’ll also be sharing some great traditional British recipes, particularly for afternoon tea, as cake is one of the things in life I really enjoy.

I originally started this blog as a form of relaxation when I was a PhD student and it has gradually grown and developed to reflect my personal interests in life. At the moment my life is changing a lot – I’ve recently graduated and started my first job, learnt how to pay bills as well as learning to drive. I am fast becoming a real grown up. Slap a mortgage on me and I’m done!

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in my blog, and please feel free to contribute. I really love hearing from my readers 🙂

Lauren xoxo

cropped portrait with poppies

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