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The Iron Lady trailer released

A trailer for Meryl Streep’s upcoming film, a biopic of Margaret Thatcher, has just hit the web today. It looks like this film won’t be shying away from any of the controversy that… Continue reading

Snow White & The Huntsman Trailer Released

A trailer for the hotly anticipated¬†new interpretation of the Snow White legend, due out next summer, indicates that this is going to be¬†a daring re-imagination of the familiar tale… and it looks like… Continue reading

The Great White Stag Lives!

The red deer is one of the most enchanting animals of Britain, and the stags are the most formidable and imposing of all. While you may struggle to see a red stag in… Continue reading

Magneto, Nazis & Modern Cinema

Magneto is the villain? Right? Maybe… sometimes… sometimes not. In cinema, he’s most certainly the principal character of X Men: First Class. Whether due to his ruggedly handsome appearance, high-calibre acting or charisma,… Continue reading