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Portrait of Wallis Simpson by Cecil Beaton

I love the use of summer sunshine contrasted with areas of shade to bring out the ethereal nature of Wallis’ dress, complimented by her jet black hair. For saying that she and the… Continue reading

Already addicted to Murdoch Mysteries

I have fallen for this show in a big way. It has so much going for it – vintage clothing, the age of invention, mysterious crimes, and Mounties. The wardrobes remind us of… Continue reading

A wonderful, and mysterious, Christmas present

Christmas is the time of giving, and of reaching out to your fellows with a warm heart. In Britain we have a charming little tradition that school children should buy a small gift for their… Continue reading

Thinking of you, NY.

Just hoping that all my readers on the east coast are doing okay. Thinking of you and your families x

The stiff upper lip lives on

Here’s the video that has swept the nation – a little girl telling her two-year old brother to toughen up a bit.

Downton chic in season 3, episode 2

Dalai Lama, father of a nation.

This stunning photograph was taken yesterday at the Tibetan Homes Foundation in Mussoorie when the Dalai Lama visited young Tibetan orphans at their home in India. The Tibetan Homes Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that… Continue reading

An Open Letter to NYC

A lesson in good manners as Princess Benedikte visits Northampton

Princess Benedikte of Denmark paid a visit to the town of Northampton, a lovely town situated in the green rolling hills of the Midlands in England. Princess Benedikte came to visit Northampton as a means… Continue reading