How to look stylish while wearing as much fine jewellery as possible, by H.M. The Queen

Last night H. M. hosted a state banquet at Buckingham Palace in honour of the Turkish President’s three-day visit. The Queen raised a toast in honour of her guest, but I would rather… Continue reading

Durham’s Diwali

The 2011 Lumiere festival, held in Durham (England), is one of the highlights of the city’s calendar. It’s a great chance to explore some imaginative works of modern art as installations are put… Continue reading

Have you been reading The Edithorial lately?

In Obliterating a Discipline I considered the moral issues surrounding the impact of Higher Education cuts in British universities. Edith Hall’s blog, The Edithorial, contributes a weekly discussion on this topic and is well… Continue reading

Coffee and Seduction: The Way to a Woman’s Heart

Don Draper would be proud of the 1980s Gold Blend adverts, which broke new ground in forging the association between coffee and seduction. They were so successful that their legacy has been long-lasting; now… Continue reading

“What are you doing, darling?”… “Playing with my jewels”

This legendary conversation took place one morning between Richard Burton and his then wife, Elizabeth Taylor. Their romance is as immortal as the timeless jewellery he bestowed on her, which will now be… Continue reading

The Iron Lady trailer released

A trailer for Meryl Streep’s upcoming film, a biopic of Margaret Thatcher, has just hit the web today. It looks like this film won’t be shying away from any of the controversy that… Continue reading

Do you recognise any of these faces of the First World War?

When the Imperial War Museum was founded in 1917, one of its main aims was to record the experiences of people all around the Empire during the First World War. As such, many… Continue reading

Snow White & The Huntsman Trailer Released

A trailer for the hotly anticipated new interpretation of the Snow White legend, due out next summer, indicates that this is going to be a daring re-imagination of the familiar tale… and it looks like… Continue reading

High Flight on 11.11.11

The 11th of November is an important day in Britain, when everyone comes together to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in war for our freedom today. Many of us will… Continue reading