A City Burning with Chaos

Nottingham wakes up this morning: a city in fear following a night of mob rule. As all law-abiding citizens vacated the city yesterday afternoon and stayed at home, yesterday’s night sky was a… Continue reading

I Predict a Capitalist Riot

The riots in London have been shocking. We still don’t really know exactly what happened to turn a peaceful protest about a man’s death into  full-scale riot, but the violence, arson and looting… Continue reading

The Red Post Box: A Royal British Icon

There is nothing more British than guards’ red: Beefeaters, telephone boxes, the London bus, the Yeomen of the Guard, and post boxes. In bright, vibrant red the post box is a highly visible… Continue reading

Masks, Wigs, Diamonds and Hair: Lady Gaga’s Identity Parade

Lady Gaga’s eccentric performance of Hair on the  Paul O’Grady Show raised more than a few eyebrows. Hair was an intriguing choice of song, a self-validating anthem of teen independence which certifies that your hair has a crucial… Continue reading

Obliterating a Discipline: Fiscal Gain at the Price of Impoverished Minds

The news hit the web this week that the Classics Dept at Royal Holloway is seriously under threat from closure, due to financial concerns. This is terrible news, and the way it is… Continue reading

H. M. The Queen and Eternal Style

Two new photos emerged in the Sunday newspapers this morning: one of Princess Elizabeth (now H.M. The Queen) on honeymoon with the Duke of Edinburgh, and the other of Queen Elizabeth (later The… Continue reading

Feminism for the 21st Century?

I have to admit, I don’t follow the stereotype of Woman, but only because I don’t want to. I want to be who I am, and not someone else’s (let alone, “society’s”) concept… Continue reading

Magneto, Nazis & Modern Cinema

Magneto is the villain? Right? Maybe… sometimes… sometimes not. In cinema, he’s most certainly the principal character of X Men: First Class. Whether due to his ruggedly handsome appearance, high-calibre acting or charisma,… Continue reading

H.M. The Queen of Green

The first thing that strikes you about this stunning portrait is the dominance of green in the composition, and it draws the eye towards the centre of the portrait: Her Majesty The Queen. She… Continue reading