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Readership opinion poll!

Dear readers, you may have noticed that The Lady in Waiting has been revamped a little. The question is whether this was for better or for worse. I’ve had mixed feedback to the… Continue reading

Happy New Year to all my readers (+ 2012 in review)

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you all have a cracking 2013, and have a great day celebrating today. I have just unwrapped a lovely present from WordPress.com, the annual review of my… Continue reading

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

I hope that all my readers are having a wonderful day, wherever you are across the globe. May you have a fantastic holiday, and enjoy all the celebrations. I would also like to… Continue reading

Tell Me About Yourself Award

So, I’ve been nominated for an award! There are the 3 things I must do: #1 Thanking Corinna Thank you Corinna from Cooking with Corinna for nominating me for this award – I really… Continue reading

Thank You to All My Readers

This week has been a very good one for The Lady in Waiting, which has now counted more than 30, 000 all-time readers from 120 countries across the world. I would like to… Continue reading