The Cosmo Cooler

cosmo cooler 1I love cosmopolitan cocktails and, when we had guests round for tea in the garden this week, I fancied serving something based on the world’s best cocktail. This iced drink is great for afternoons in the garden, summer parties, or barbeques. I based this recipe on the ingredients for a cosmo, but wanted to create a drink that would be ideal for daytime events in hot weather. The fruity cranberry base is very refreshing, the raspberries add depth, and the lime gives it a kick… all with the pleasant aroma of juniper rising on the palette.

One great advantage of this recipe is that the alcohol is optional, so it’s popular with designated drivers.

This recipe is easily prepared in a blender (I used my gorgeous Kenwood Chef) and generously serves 4-6 people.


1l or 2 pints of fresh cranberry juice

200g or 1/2 lb of fresh raspberries (the riper the better)

2 trays of ice (approx. 40 cubes)

100ml or 3 fl oz of Rose’s Lime Cordial

2 limes

Gordon’s Gin (optional, but fun)

cosmo cooler 2Method:

1. Crush the ice in small quantities in the blender, and keep to one side. Remember to reserve about a quarter of your ice cubes for serving the drink.

cosmo cooler 32. Place the raspberries, crushed ice, and the juice of one lime in the blender. Pour in the cranberry juice until the blender is three-quarters full.

cosmo cooler 4cosmo cooler 53. Blend the ingredients on a low setting for a minute or two.

cosmo cooler 64. Pour into tall glasses and serve with ice and a slice of lime.

5. For the gin lovers, add a shot or two of Gordon’s to each glass and stir. Please don’t be tempted to add the gin when blending as it will bruise, taste a little strange, and gin connoisseurs will frown.


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